The SGMP Southeast Regional Education Conference will be held on September 16-19, 2012. The event is located at the Renaissance Mobile River View Plaza Hotel, Mobile, Alabama.

For more information, visit the website at:

Educational Topics to Include:

  • Hotel Safety and Security
  • Enhancing Meetings Through Food
  • Dining Etiquette • Creating Partnerships With Government, Defense, Commercial, Industry and Academia
  • Time Management • Cash Management – Income, Expenses, Attrition and Other Variables that Can Impact Your Event's Bottom Line
  • Facility of Choice - Is your Hotel the "Choice" Spot for a Meeting?
  • Keeping the Bottom Line from Going Under: Financial Leadership in Uncertain Times
  • Suppliers Track: What Does the Ideal Government RFP Response Look Like?
  • Event Disaster Preparedness • Communication Between Planner and Supplier
  • Promoting Your Event for Success

SGMP Chapter Scholarship for Accreditation

SGMP Central Florida is proud to announce that it is now accepting applications for scholarships to obtain industry accreditations! Applications can be found on the chapter website.


  • Must be a chapter member for a minimum of 1 year.
  • ust have served on a committee or the chapter board for a minimum of 6 months.

If you receive a scholarship for accreditation, you will be asked to share your experience at a chapter meeting, or through an article for the newsletter.

Please see the application for further information, or contact Laura Boekenoogen for more information at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  SGMP Chapter Scholarship Accreditation

Committee Wish List

Program Committee

  • members who would like to help secure speakers and coordinate with the sponsor to facilitate their meeting (set up, prizes, etc.)

Education Day Sub-Committee

  • members who would like to help with either a silent auction or educational topic and speaker (or both) for 2012 Education Day (Sept-Oct.).

Communications Committee

  • members who can assist with Facebook, Twitter, electronic newsletter/information page, website and membership announcements.

Community Service/Fundraising Committee

  • members to help with the April 2012 Chapter Yard Sale, selling tables, promoting sale to members and public, soliciting sale items for the chapter table, making and setting up signs, helping set up on the day of, helping tear down.

Membership Committee

  • 2 member volunteers to help with a membership blitz (by phone, campus table, or other ideas) and a member volunteer to contact members whose membership is about to expire.

Central Florida Board of Directors Nominations

The Central Florida Chapter of the Society of Government Meeting Professionals is looking for leaders! Nominations are now being accepted for all eight elected positions on the 2012-2014 Central Florida Chapter Board of Directors. The incoming Chapter Board will be installed at the June 2012 chapter meeting for a term of office from July 1, 2012, through June 30, 2014. If you wish to be considered as a candidate, or wish to nominate someone else, the nomination form and information on the nominations & elections process can be found at the link below:

The nominations period will remain open until 5pm local time on January 20, 2012.
The chapter’s Nominations & Elections Committee is responsible for arranging and overseeing the chapter elections process. Should you have any additional questions, contact Ann Koralewski, CMP, CGMP, the committee chair, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at 352-273-8677.
Any chapter member in good standing for at least nine months (in the category noted below) prior to nomination shall qualify for nomination to and election on the chapter board of directors:

(Government Planner or Contract Planner)

First Vice President                    
(Government Planner or Contract Planner)

Second Vice President                
(Supplier or Associate Supplier)

(Government Planner or Contract Planner)

(Supplier, Associate Supplier, or Contract Planner)

Directors (3)                                
(1) Government Planner; (1) Supplier or Associate Supplier; (1) Government Planner, Contract Planner, Supplier, or Associate Supplier

SGMP has made several revisions to the policies and timeline affecting chapter elections since this chapter’s last election. Key nominations & elections process deadlines this year are the following:
  • Chapter “open” nominations must open by 1/9/12
  • Chapter “open” nominations must close by 1/20/12
  • Chapter voting member created by SGMP on 2/2/12
  • Candidate campaigning period: 2/10/12 – 2/17/12
  • Member voting period: 2/20/12 – 2/27/12
  • New chapter president and chapter treasurer must attend SGMP training on 6/8/12- 6/9/12
  • New chapter board members must be installed by 6/30/12
  • Code of Ethics form (signed by all chapter board members) must be received at SGMP by 6/30/12

Central Florida Chapter Receives an "A" from National Survey!

In April 2011, SGMP conducted its first all-member survey in three years. Although designed for a national perspective, the survey also included some chapter-specific questions. A snippet of the results for our chapter are listed below. 

Chapter Grade Overall: A

Chapter Board:

I am satisfied with the access I have to chapter board members: Strongly Agree

Chapter board members extend effective support and guidance: Strongly Agree

I have confidence in the integrity of my chapter board members and leaders: Strongly Agree


The emails I receive from my chapter are relevant: Strongly Agree

The emails I receive from my chapter are clearly written: Strongly Agree


I am satisfied with the education at chapter meetings: Agree


My chapter’s funds are used for the good of the entire chapter: Strongly Agree


My chapter prioritizes the recruitment of new members: Strongly Agree


I am satisfied with the networking at chapter meetings: Strongly Agree


Chapter newsletter projects a professional image: Strongly Agree


Chapter website projects a professional image: Strongly Agree

 To summarize the results, our Chapter is a healthy and strong chapter, and we excel in all that we do. Way to go Central Florida SGMP!