Getting Involved With SGMP: Did You Know?

Our chapter is fortunate to have many members participating in the monthly meetings, attending the regional education conferences and let's not forget the national conference! Not only do members participate in these educational opportunities, many have even devoted free time to volunteer and make The Central Florida and National chapters a success. Thank you to all of the SGMP Volunteers

It's a monthly quest..Get_Involved. the need for new volunteers in our chapter. I'd like to let every member know the benefits of volunteering a little of your time to our awesome association.

Getting involved or volunteering in SGMP does not require much time and the return on investment (ROI) as a volunteer is vast! For example, did you know that your time given as a volunteer in our chapter as a committee member, committee chair or registration desk volunteer, may allow you to obtain a scholarship to attend an SGMP regional or national conference for free? Did you know that volunteering for or heading a committee gives back great satisfaction by being part of a team and knowing you made a difference? Did you know you do not have to be a board member to volunteer? And last but not least, did you know that volunteering allows you to expand your knowledge of SGMP and its mission, make new friends and contacts, and further your career goals?

I am living proof that by volunteering a minimum amount of time, the return on investment can be immense. When I joined SGMP I didn't know anyone other than my supervisor. I figured if I was going to join an association and my employer was going to pay for my membership, then I would make the most of it. I volunteered to take over as Membership Chair for the Central Florida Chapter. I began to get involved and immediately I was amazed at how much satisfaction I received from helping others achieve their goals.

Through my involvement as a volunteer on a committee, I found a new career with the University and was offered a position as a meeting planner. My involvement in SGMP has increased over the years.

My plate is full, and I love it! I allowed my volunteering to begin as a small task and grow to the national level. Just a small amount of time on a committee or volunteering at the registration desk at a monthly meeting makes a world of difference to our chapter, and most importantly, to you the member.