Topics Include:

♬ Strike a Chord with the Environment: Carol Hinton, CGMP will focus on discussing ways to green your property and operations and more specifically how to use those green processes to increase sales! Planners will learn how to green their operations and know what to look for when choosing green properties.

♬ Building your Meeting Checklist: Have you had the experience where you are doing something that you’ve done a hundred times before and somehow you manage to forget an important step; pretty frustrating isn’t it? In this very interactive and fun session Laurie Brown will draw upon the expertness of the participants to illustrate the importance of checklists and how they can help us avoid missing any steps in our meeting planning. Participants will also learn the art and science of making checklists and how they can help you organize the ‘perfect’ event. This session is equally beneficial for planners and suppliers.

♬ Get in Tune with Your Planners: Through this interactive session led by Ann Koralweski, CMP, CGMP, MS, Supplier members will get a glimpse into the minds of planners. Actual Planner members were surveyed and asked to share their “Hotel/Vendor Pet Peeves”. These results, along with explanations and strategies on how to avoid these pitfalls, will be shared with the season attendees.

♬ Are You Running a Meeting…or Drowning in Chaos? As volunteers of SGMP, particularly those on the Board of their local chapters, we’re expected to lead our Board and Chapter meetings like a pro, but too often we’re sidetracked by difficult personalities that make our meetings dysfunctional and chaotic. Learn specific facilitation techniques to address these too common dysfunctional personalities with finesse and confidence!

  • The Dominator
  • The MultiTasker
  • The Rambler
  • The Slacker

You will learn specific facilitation techniques to help manage dominating personalities in the meeting, manage distracted attendees, refocus rambling discussion and keep the group on track, and encourage follow through on tasks/action items. These techniques will not only improve your meetings but also enhance your leadership credibility in the process!


♬ Dining with Diplomats: Dining with Diplomats is a fascinating way to merge business entertaining with the opportunity for immediate practice and implementation of excellent dining skills.  Margaret Ann Pritchard will provide dining guidance as participants enjoy a delicious business meal.  Our rapidly expanding global economy forces us to socialize and conduct business at the table more than ever before.  There is no better, or possibly worse, place to make an impression. Most executives realize the vast importance of mastering the dining table just as easily as the boardroom. Whether you remember a few rules that were once familiar, or gather new information and ideas to make your business meal a true joy and success, you will feel more confident and more comfortable than ever before. After this session, you will have the confidence to dine like a diplomat in any situation

♬ Jazz Up Your Professional Savvy: Class—how to get it and how to use it—is a hot topic in businesses worldwide.  Social skills have become one of the reasons we obtain a job, keep a job, and advance in our professions.  Manners have become as integral to one’s professional image as technical knowledge. “Jazz Up Your Professional Savvy” is an investment in your future.  You will gain self-confidence and comfort in introducing yourself and others, the RSVP, remembering names, presenting your business card professionally, cellular telephone etiquette, and tips for the polished professional’s appearance.

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