Creating Effective Online Forms…Fast by Gabrielle K. Gabrielli, CGMP, Ph.D.

Languages you need to know for the Web: HTML, PHP, CSS– All of the below Forms DO NOT require you to know these.

Benefits: Saves Time, Money, Makes it Convenient, Improves Quality and Quantity of feedback, Enables Data Mining.

Challenges with Free versions: Customer Support Lacks, Submission Limits, Complex Scripting, Payment options can be limited, Can be time consuming when there is an issue.

Consider: your Volume, Type of Data, and Security, Self-hosting v Hosted, Offline access to data.

*Free, BUT they want to SELL you an upgraded version.

Most allow you to Export to XLS, CSV, and PDF

Zoho- offers a lot of functionality- single line, multi-line, percent, check boxes, instructions to users. Paid version allows you to add your Logo. THIS is what the SREC Registration form was created with. Free version allows up to 3 forms. Add Form–> Title it–> Select Form Template…DONE! Want to add additional info? Click from the left hand menu, drag to your form. Mark a field as *Required if it is necessary for your respondents to complete.

Wufoo- offers themes for your forms

Adobe- offers templates for you to choose from for ex. Mail opt-in forms. 360 evaluations- Performance evaluations where everyone can rate each other.

pForm- 3 steps- Choose your color, Title and add Description, Complete– Download it to add to your Website, etc. Have full access to the Code.

Doodle- great for scheduling meetings of outside organizations. Send it out through your email or through Doodle. Tells you when the most amount of people are available. Click Schedule an Event–> Title It–>Add Description–> Add your Name–> Click Next and select the Month, Date, and Time options for your respondents–>Finish. You can enable Email notifications so that you know when your contacts respond.

Survey Monkey- Free version is limited to 10 questions. Can embed your survey onto Facebook to get more responses. Offers free survey tips for gathering the best data. Only Allows you to collect first 100 responses with Free version.

Other Form Sites:



Instant Form Creator

Test these platforms and see which you like best, and see how they handle more complex functions.

For Complete Slideshow visit Gabrielle’s Site.


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