Do you Measure Up?

New Standards for Green and Sustainable Events by Danielle Adams, CMP

APEX/ASTEM Standards- Accepted Practices Exchange


Make it Industry Wide

Roadmap for Planners

Enhance Practices


9 Sectors or Standards:

Accommodations- ask Hotel for their practices, ex. Linen Reuse Programs, Recycling in each Guest Room, Low Flow Toilets, No Prepour, Indigenous plants.

A/V Standards- donate half used projector batteries?, LED Lights, Energy Star equipment.

Communications- online materials for meetings, ex. Agenda, Reuse Signage, Twitter, QR Codes to online materials

Destinations- locations with a lot of Green Initiatives already in place. USGVC works to make the meeting Green from the moment attendees step off the plane, to when the get back on. Mass transit options can save!

Exhibits- ask attendees not to bring handouts unless its edible, recyclable, or reusable. Saves on shipping, packing, marketing efforts, etc. Used QR codes to replace in person handouts. Locally found items: Food, Products, Decor, Entertainment, Labor.

Food & Beverage- work together with your Chef to use what is in season, local. Share food costs with another meeting happening simultaneously at the same hotel. The first level of Green is Cost Savings! Don’t Prepour water or teas- produces a huge amount of waste. If you do Prepour, use leftover water to water plants, etc. Use Bamboo Products, ex. Classic Party Rental has reused scraps to create Green decorations for meetings. Ex. Recentered Pieces- uses teacups and LED lighting and other recycled items for center pieces. Try buying in Bulk!

On-Site Office- What are you printing? What do you absolutely NEED to print? Use double sided, single spaced materials.

Transportation- Find a city that is walkable to convention center from hotel. Ex: insists on “no idle time”, and offers preferred suppliers list.

Venue- use things outside, bring in less decor, donate floral to hospitals, etc. once meeting is over. Think creatively about venue selection ex: art galleries, spaces with outdoor or natural lighting.

** New standards can take up to 10 years to be passed. The industry is in a rush to get them passed so that the savings and green implications can take place.


Event Standards

BS 8901 (British System)- will soon become ISO 20121 System before the 2012 Olympics. WHOLE SYSTEM

APEX/ASTIM is a CHECKLIST (9 Standards)

Global Reporting Initiative- how to report things

ISO (Management System) –> APEX (Checklist) –> GRI (Reporting)


Measurement- Start keeping track to see progress, establish a baseline, communicate your success.

Sustainable Event Measurement Tool (SEMT)- MPI, GMIC, Grant through MPI and Intercontinental Hotels Group. – Free to MPI and GMIC Members.

Simple to use, Profile for Suppliers and Planners, gives you graphs of your success.


What this Means to YOU:

- Ready Made Checklist for your RFP’s

- Easy to confirm your events are sustainable

- Provides a template to measure Progress

- Consistent Requests to Vendors (Vendors will be aware of what you will ask for)

- Guides Internal Changes

- Provides Competitive Advantage

Ex. from SGMP Attendee: Alachua County offers 2 Green Grants- for example the Great Green Grant- works with Neutral Gator to help offset Carbon Footprint of Meeting.

Ex. from SGMP Attendee: CVB Ft. Myers partnered with Got to Zero to plan trees to offset Carbon Footprint should the planner choose to do so.

Ex. from Presenter: Clean the world- collects partially used bathing products form hotels, cleans and purifies, and delivers them around the world for ex. in Haiti.

Ex. Set up Beach Cleanups at hotels on the beach during your Meeting.



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