Greening Your Hotel by Jamison Conrey

For a hotel to successfully go green you need a dedicated champion within your organization.  Also, management must be fully on board.


74 is the ideal hotel temperature


At The Shores Resort & Spa:

The Shores no longer uses bottled water

Attendees are no longer able to adjust the temperatures in the meeting rooms

Try to limit temperature control to one meeting planner.


It is a Multi-stage process to green your hotel:

Team was developed in 2007 to come up with the process.  Some of the work was started during The Shores refurbishing.

The Green Lodging Association certifies the Palm certification system of green hotels in Florida.  The process is now a self audit process.  Originally the Green Lodging Certification was much more comprehensive.  Budget cuts have hampered the GLA’s ability to do site visits.

Lighting is a big area of cost saving opportunity.  The cost of running the hallway lights was $25,134. By replacing the 1047 40 watt bulbs in the hallway with 4 watt CFL lights the cost has gone down to $2513.  The up front cost to make the change was $18,000.  The old bulbs are very bright and put off a lot of heat.  The new bulbs do not radiate heat.  This also impacted the cost to cool the building.  The bulbs do not have to be changed as often.

CFL bulbs have mercury so you are not able to throw them in the trash like regular bulbs.  You are supposed to ship them back to the manufacturer.  The Shores purchased a machine called The Bulb Eater.  It vacuums the bulbs and crushes them in a metal 55 gallon container.  It filters out the mercury.

By changing all bulbs in the hotel to the lower watt CFL’s there was an annual saving of $110,686.

The Shores has adopted the be 903 1053

They have partnered with Clean the World.  Clean the World is an organization that collects the used soap and shampoo from hotels.  All used lotion, soap and conditioners are recycled and sent to Haiti.  102,000 bottles of shampoo and 66,000 bars of soap have been recycled at The Shores this year.

Superior Solar is a potential partner that will provide solar panels that they have developed.  The cost of the panels is paid for with the savings.

The Shores tried to put a greenhouse on the roof but a storm destroyed it.  They have not been able to rebuild them. They also tried Composting, but had little success.

The Shores is participating in an upcoming event called The Ocean Conservancy International Coastal Cleanup on September 17th.  The Ocean Conservancy  has multiple chapters  and over the course of the last 25 years they have picked up 52 million cigarette butts.

Audience Feedback:

Dry erase tent cards are good environmentally friendly option as opposed to paper tent cards.  You can get them from Trainers Warehouse.


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