Managing Email Overload by Peggy Duncan

Do you have more than 26,000 emails in your Inbox? Then you’re not as bad as Peggy’s worst case!

Never use your Inbox as storage- it is not a file, calendar, contacts, its not efficient. That’s why Mr. Gates invented the Calendar function, the Contacts, etc.

Always keep your inbox items to fit in one screen- no scrolling


Creating Folders

Group like subjects together

Only use A-Z categorization within a folder, i.e. Clients –> A-Z

Create a CYA folder– keep that JUNK out of your Inbox


Write better Emails

- Keep subject line specific

- Have only one subject per email

- Writing rules apply- grammar, spelling, brevity, easy reading

* If you wouldn’t do it on your company letterhead, than don’t do it on your email


Protect your Email

- Do not put out your hyprlinked email on the web- SPAMers will find that

- Autoresponders- use them for their true purpose, NOT on a daily basis

- Answer emails smarter- do you have FAQ’s? Put those on your website

- Create separate emails and set rules to filter into folders


Pet Peeves

- Reply All when it doesn’t apply to ALL

- Not using spellcheck

- No Subject in subject line

- Marking every email as high priority

- Reply ALL when they were Blind CC’d

- NOT reading the email content, and asking a question that is answered in the email

- Reply that just reads “Thanks”

- No Greeting

- Carets >>>>

- Don’t put just a graphic as your signature, use real text



- Send to yourself, BCC others to prevent Reply All

- Use folders and rules to auto file emails: Tools–> Rules and Alerts–> specify parameters

- Emails that require not attention, type “FYI” or “No Response Necessary”

- Ctrl H, Find and replace the carets with, and leave the box blank

- File it, delete it, or schedule time to do it later- Prioritize, don’t multitask with email

- Flag emails with specific date and set reminder to follow up

- Categorize emails by a custom group i.e. “Call Back” so you have all of your sales calls in one spot

- To begin your sorting, Right click on message- select “Find All” and file them into the appropriate folder

- Triple Click on subject line and re-title it before you file it

- Save Mail thread as text file: Ctrl A- (select all) choose text only, name it, and it will save all into one big text file

- Drag Email message to calendar to create a meeting or event reminder

- Create multiple auto-signatures and use the appropriate one per email

- On Exchange Network- search for available meeting times at once

- Contacts- associate a Planner with her Assistant’s contact info

- Color Code your calendar based on item type, i.e. Meeting, Speaking, Call



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