Social Media to Market Your Meetings by Marketing Mud

You want to use the same process for strategizing Social Media Use, as you would with any other marketing efforts for your Conference!

Think of your GOALS and your AUDIENCE:

When is your conference or meeting, where, when is the registration cut off, where are your audience members located, how do they prefer to receive messaging about the meeting?

Do you have an audience from a past year’s conference, or is it a new group? Locally, Regionally, or Nationally?


You should develop a strong brand across all of your platforms or marketing modes: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Email Marketing, Print ads or Newsletters, Program, etc.

Share your links to your Social Media platforms on all of your materials for the conference so your audience knows that you’re there!

Tips & Tricks for Social Media Engagement


Create a strong Facebook Icon and Landing Page that matches your branding for you Conference.

You can link your landing graphic to your conference website, Registration Page, or imbed an email opt-in form for your attendees to engage or Register right there. You can also imbed a video about your conference, etc.

Create an Event Page on Facebook and invite your audience

Post Interactive Links and Photos, track your impressions

Use the Polls feature to gather meeting preferences, etc.

Recognize your sponsors by tagging them in your posts. Type the @ symbol and then the name of your sponsor (must be a “Fan” of their page first.

Monitor your Fan Insights so you know what posts your Fans are engaging with the most.

Create an engaging and informative video and imbed it onto your Facebook landing page.


Design a branded background and icon that matches your conference or meeting brand

Have a strong profile description (limit to 140 characters). Include keywords about your conference or industry, as well as the URL to your website.

Create Lists- Public and/or Private lists- helps you keep track of your contacts within twitter. Segment based on industry, conference or interests.

Follow relevant industry hashtags for ex: #meetingprofs. This allows you to see what everyone is saying around that one topic.

Create and USE a hashtag for your conference ex: #SREC2011

Retweet others Tweets with related content to your audience.

Add photos and links to direct your followers to Registration, etc.

Follow relevant players in your industry, government, or local agencies.



Include Social Links on all Collateral Materials, on the Conference Website, and in email footers to let your attendees know that your conference is ON those platforms.

Run Contests, Incorporate QR codes, and YouTube functionality.



Post 2-3 times per week, make 1 per day as a GOAL

Measure and track your insights and analytics

Generate Engaging Content

Monitor Social Profiles Daily

Respond From a Singular Voice

Be Genuine in Your Interaction With Fans and Followers – Make it personal.


Content Ideas:

Goals and Reasons for your Conference

Promote Conference Events, leading up to and after with Photos, Links, & Thank You’s

Run Contests that ENGAGE users

Share Testimonials from Registrants or past years’ Conferences


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