“We’re in the People Business” by Ed Scannell

Ed Scannell filled the room with laughter as he opened with Why we Meeting Industry professionals attend Conferences?

- People want content/information

- People want to have recreational aspect to Conference

- Networking Opportunities


Ed Covered several topics that we in the “People Business” encounter regularly:

“We’re not in the coffee business serving people, we’re in the people business serving coffee”- Howard Schultz, CEO Starbucks

Three types of People- Make things happen, movers and shakers, Watch things Happen, Wonder what the heck happened.

TEAM Planner- Supplier Relationships- Together Everyone Accomplishes More.

Positive v Negative People- For every Positive comment, there were 23 Negatives- University of Michigan study found. You will burn 3 times more energy in a Negative frame of mind, than a positive one. It is part of our job responsibility to be positive toward people. Ed engaged the audience to speak positively to those at our table for 1 minute to see the response you get.

Emotional Intelligence

“The ability to acquire and apply  knowledge from your own emotions… and the emotions of others” -Daniel Goleman. “Feel, Felt, Found Technique” 1) I understand, I feel how you feel 2) So and so Felt that same way 3) Until she found____”

Personality Styles- Analytical- soft spoke, procedural, Amiable- everyone involved, fun people to be around, Driver- go 127 miles per hour, get to the point, Expressive- really get everyone involved. You have to be aware of your Personality Style so that you can adjust or recognize those Personality Styles that are around you.

SGMP “Tool Kit”

“Coming together is a beginning: staying together is a progress and working together is a success” – Henry Ford

Communication- Average person spends about 70% of their time

Creativity- Do something different, change things up for a new perspective

Customer Service- Be a little bit better than your customer, not in price, but in service

Leadership- Understand more of what a person is, than what a person does

Emotional Quotient- Handling relationships

Managing Change- Change can be adding to, rather than taking from. It takes the average organization between 3 and 5 years to fully embrace change.

Motivation- It is intrinsic, you can’t motivate someone to do something, unless they want to do it. It is important to build on strengths.

Planning- Set your goals and objectives before you start.

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